image by Amy Vause, of SpicyPixi.com

Born in the North-East with an eye toward the South-West, Sally is a woman of many passions, but none so deep or burning as her love for the written word. As a child traveling with musician parents, she most frequently found comfort and friendship within the pages of a book, and lived by her grandfather’s words “you can always put a book down, but a book will never put you down.” Although writing would ultimately be the medium where she found herself the most “at home”, it would take years of exploration and self-discovery before she would, at last, arrive at that obvious conclusion.

Pinups for Pitbulls Miss September 2010

During the years Sally did many things, including staring in a small musical and singing in a few small bands, modeling, advocating with the group Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc, speaking at science fiction conventions, and running a webcomic with her brother, Jo. Among her more impressive achievements, Sally earned an Associate’s in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor’s in Political Science, and a Master’s in Education. These degrees would seem pointless for years, until one day she used the critical thinking skills, research and writing, and political structure, psychology, and history she’d studied to create a universe to tell a story. Indeed, many of her earlier experiences would later prove to have been important stepping stones toward shaping Sally into the creative mind she needed to be in order to embrace her love of writing.

On June 28th, 2012, Sally left the popular social media website Facebook and began the blog Anti Eff Bee. Although the blog itself would be short-lived, the effects would be monumental. Through the process of asking herself hard questions and examining the reasons behind the ways she used social media, she began to realize there was a version of herself she wanted to be, but wasn’t. That version was a writer before all other things; creator of worlds, teller of tales, mother to both heroes and villains.

Here in this blog, you will see many representations of Sally from her writing to her modeling, with the occasional detour to look at a piece of art she drew/painted/whatevered, or some bit of costuming that she sewed. But always with an emphasis on her first love: the written word.


Let the Muse move you

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